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Mike Hendzel

Founder | CEO

Mike founded VT simply to help future and current Veterans succeed.   Currently working on taking Veteran Transitions to the next level with a whole new way of helping Veterans Transition to civilian life and start becoming wealthy.

Mike can be reached by phone or email at anytime, just ask, "What are you working on?", and he will be delighted to tell you or just see the latest Facebook/Instagram Live.

Born in Clearwater and graduating from Largo High School in 2004, Mike jumped right into Real Estate School the following month.  Once completed, Mike was recruited by a Real Estate Development Firm with an in House Real Estate Brokerage.  There Mike learned and gained experience in construction and sales selling over 2.2 million of real estate by the age of 20. In March of 2006, Mike enlisted in the US Army, left for service June of 2006 and 3 tours and 6 years later, 1 year of that being in Iraq and another 2.5 years in Germany, he was back in Clearwater November of 2012. By May of 2013 Mike was back in the swing of things and became the COO of a real estate firm growing it to the #1 firm in the area four years running.  Being able to hire, train, groom, and develop a team of professionals into a well oiled machine was a fantastic experience along with the 250 million dollars of transactions experience. It was May of 2017 when Mike decided to move on and start his own firm.  


Kevin Glonek

Member of the Board | COO



Christian Lahaine

West Coast Regional Director

Christian was the first Veteran to be invited for a Beta Test workshop and ended up getting recruited to one of Mike's companies.   He is a Realtor with MavRealty AZ and also an entrepreneur running a few operations that are growing steadily.


Brian Duke

Comedic Content/Consultant 



Matthew Dobson

Consultant | Advisor | Member



Daniel Withrow

Transitioning Veteran Intern